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Welcome to the Adventure Travel Girl

Are you here for adventure? Well, I certainly hope so because that’s what it’s going to be… This website, and life, really… Just one big adventure!

So here, I am, The Adventure Travel Girl (AKA Summer Slevin) and whether you came here for travel planning, inspiration, or relaxation, I hope you find it here!
Let me give you a head’s up before we get started… I am not an expert and I don’t even want to give you the assumption that I know everything there is to know about travel, marketing, entrepreneurship, or anything else I talk about. I don’t. But I am learning more and more every day and I really, truly feel so excited to share every little bit with you, my comrades.

So now that you’re here, why don’t you kick back, relax, and stay awhile?
If you’re new here, check out my page dedicated to showing you around.

Before you click off of this post, could you do me a favor and say hello in the comments below? I would love to hear from you!


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