And so, the adventure continues!

These last few weeks, Ryan (my s/o) and I have been planning our next big adventure: road tripping out West!

For me, this will be the third drive out to California from Illinois. For Ryan, it will be his first time in the West, and his first time seeing snowcapped mountains!

I am beyond excited! But there’s a lot of prepping to do.

As some of you know, I recently quit my full-time job as a Marketing Director, and Ryan has been working part-time since graduating college last year. With my freelance consulting dough and his part-time serving tips, we have been able to pay our bills, but saving up for adventure is a difficult (and nearly impossible) task!

Yes, we’ve been picking up more hours and cutting back on all luxuries (besides that $12 bottle of vodka that I dropped… oops) in order to make sure that we spend the two weeks adventuring… We contacted relatives and friends that we can meet up and stay with along the way, and are staying in our car and eating soup most of the way, but it’s still been a challenge to figure out how to afford the time off.

But it’s more than just the money, we also have two amazing pups to think about, as well. What do you do with two loveable dogs for two whole weeks while you’re on the road? While we know that there are a few options (boarding *shutter*, friends, family, etc), we opted to take them with us on the road! (We’ll keep you updated about how that goes)

And what about all the many details of the trip? Where to stop along the way? How long to drive each day? How to get internet access to work with clients while on the road?

Well, as an experienced traveler, I know that for myself personally, it is nearly impossible to plan every detail of the trip.
I am attending an entrepreneur’s conference* in Phoenix, where Ryan’s sister lives.
And I can think of places I would like to show Ryan (Denver, Salt Lake, Phoenix, Arizona Mountains, Highway 1, Mendocino, etc), Ryan can tell me the places he wants to visit (Vegas and LA), and we can map those out, but the details of where we will end up, how long the drive and stops will actually take, where we will pull over to sleep, and what we’ll be able to do once we get there are all up in the air.
It’s really all about enjoying the adventure, having a positive perspective, and being a flexible traveler.

The takeaway?

Make adventure a priority, even when it’s complicated. You’ll remember experiences for far longer than you’ll remember stuff. Work with what you’ve got. Keep a positive and flexible attitude. And lastly, follow my adventures on the road! I will be posting on Facebook and Instagram!

Do you have any suggestions for what we should do on the road? Where are your favorite road trip destinations? Let me know by commenting below!

Journey on, my friends!



*No, I’m not an affiliate of the PLF program (but shoot, I love it so much that I would be if I knew how!)

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