Cross Country Road Trip Map

Cross Country Road Trip Tip

Thinking of taking a solo cross country road trip soon?
I have some advice!

I have taken cross country (2,000-10,000 mile) road trips every year for the past three years, and I have learned techniques to pull off such long treks!
One of them is pacing yourself.
Do a shorter drive on first day, make the longest drive on second day and do progressively shorter drives from there.
I try to keep the last day as short as possible because I’m exhausted and probably need to make up for time at all the rest stops I took naps at.

As an example, here’s the agenda for my 1,952 mile road trip from Bloomington, IL to Joshua Tree, CA (through Colorado route so I can take two different routes there and back):
•Sunday: 9a-7p (10hrs): 400 miles (avg 40m/hr)
•Monday: 9a-9p (12hrs): 600 miles (avg 50m/hr)
•Tuesday: 9a-8p (11hrs): 495 miles (avg 45m/hr)
•Wednesday: 9a-7p (10hrs): 400 miles (avg 40m/hr)
•Thursday: 9a-10a (1hr): ~57 miles (avg 57m/hr)
(This is where I would compensate lost time)
*CampCampCamp* *TryNotToDieFromHeatStoke* *GetAbducted* *ChitChatWithAliens*

And here’s my 1,886 mile route from Joshua Tree, CA to Urbana, IL:
•Monday: 9a-8p (11hrs): 495 miles (avg 45m/hr)
•Tuesday: 9a-9p (12hrs): 600 miles (avg 50m/hr)
•Wednesday: 9a-7p (10hrs): 400 miles (avg 40m/hr)
•Thursday: 9a-6p (9hrs): 391 miles (avg 40m/hr)
(This is where I die from exhaustion)

I know how tough cross country road trips are so if you want some advice on your road trip, comment below!


Journey on, my friends!

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