Starting Over… Again.

Warning: I’m about to get pretty vulnerable and run-on in this post… but it all leads to a good ending… well at least I hope it does.

It all started 7 months ago, when I got offered my dream job. Well, it began before that when I quit my comfortable job for the unknown in February, but this leg of my quarter life crisis starts 7 months ago. I started working for a growing company that was helping make entrepreneur’s lives easier. This company had also opened schools in Kenya for children with no opportunity for education. The position paid decently, was all remote, allowed me to travel, and let me work among an incredible team.

It was perfection.

For the last 7 months, this job was the only thing that was working out in my life and everything fell by the wayside. I wasn’t able to work with more than one marketing client, my boyfriend decided to take a job in Florida, our lease ended, and I didn’t have the energy to build my adventure travel brand. So I focused on my full time. Ryan and I split up, and I moved in with my gram while planning a trip to Australia. Then I caved and moved down to Florida to move in with my boyfriend and his buddy.

Then last week, the dominos began to fall. I got asked to go to Toronto for a work retreat the week before I was supposed to leave for Australia for a month, I agreed and tension started building with Ryan and I. We started bickering and I started realizing that this wasn’t what I wanted. Ryan and I broke up and I made arrangements to move out after I got back from Australia.

Then I got a call from my boss on Friday. My position had changed. They wanted someone local to help them and I was no longer needed.

My work trip was canceled and I didn’t feel comfortable spending money going to Australia for a month.

No boyfriend, no job, no home, no adventures, no back up plan.

What now?

So here I sit. Trying to figure out my next steps.

I’m starting over from scratch again. But this is my first time being fired. It feels a little crushing.

I’m honestly not complaining, just documenting my feelings at this point in my quarter life crisis. I don’t feel like giving up… I’m just wondering where to go from here.

I just keep thinking, ‘shouldn’t I have my shit figured out by now?’

What now? What next?

It’s only been two days but I’m swinging on the pendulum of feeling so full of hope and excitement about the possibilities and feeling hopeless and overwhelmed.

What is my purpose here? What can I accomplish? How can I be fully alive? How can I positively impact others?

Where is the universe guiding me?


Have you been here before? What did you do?

I’d honestly love to hear from people that have been where I am before and have pushed through it to do some awesome things.

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