National Parks Adventure Idea

Lately, I’ve been dreaming of an adventure.
A really, really big one.

I am dreaming of going to every single National Park in America, and telling the history, current impact, and future of each park.

Back in 2015, I went to 11 National Parks and 14 National Forests during my solo cross-country road trip. In Colorado, I bought an $80 Year Pass and got lost in the wilderness of the West. My trip stretched out over 21 states, from Illinois to California and everywhere in between, and lasted two months.

During my adventure, I fell absolutely head-over-heels for nature.

My big plan is to help people fall in love with nature and the glory that National Parks have to offer while also relaying the severe danger that they are currently in with the recent proposals for budget cuts, and cuts to the EPA.

I want to make people understand how majestic, lovely, stunning, and awe-inducing they are, and how every single person is just a dime’s throw from this nature made paradise.

I also want to inspire women (and individuals) along the way to have their own adventures. I want to share my raw, real, no holding back experience as I step into the suit that is The Adventure Travel Girl.

And most of all I want you to come along for the journey.

Hold me accountable, give me tips and inspiration, or just silently follow my adventures and dream along with me?

Are you ready?
I am.

Journey on, my friends!


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