Where to Start

Hello there!

Is it safe to assume that you are either a fellow traveler, a wanderlusting travel lover, an entrepreneur, or someone that is dipping their toe in the possibility of traveling?

However you’ve found the Adventure Travel Girl, I am so glad you’re here! I am genuinely psyched to start this adventure with you and see where it takes us!

So here’s a little site map of TheAdventureTravelGirl.com:

The Adventure Travel Girl: The homepage that will give you all the recent posts and updates about the Adventure Travel Girl, and allow you to sign up for Adventure Weekly, a fun and informative newsletter I put together and send out each week to give you tips, the best of the web, my inspiration, freebies, and lots of other goodies!

About The Adventure Travel Girl: That’s me! Check this out if you want a brief introduction of me, the purpose of this blog, and all that good stuff.

The ATG Blog: This is where you will find all of my musings about the epic journeys I’m taking, the things I’m learning, inspiration I’ve gotten (warning: I love motivation quotes), tips I can give travelers, marketers, and entrepreneurs, and all those goodies!

Just the Tips: Don’t want all that lammmee writing I’m doing? (Hey now, Charlie, that hurt) Well you can skip it all and go right to the tips! This puts together everything I’ve learned (so far) traveling, buying (way too many) resources, answering questions and listening to the advice of my peers (and role models).

#SumNews: Now here’s a fun little project I’m working on! Every day, I write one super short news article and record audio of it to spread some information in little bitty bite-size pieces. Want to stay up to date on current events but don’t want to get hourly pings from CNN, read 3-page articles, or listen to a 5-minute report that could have been summarized in 30 seconds? #SumNews got chu!

Get in Touch! This is actually my favorite part of this whooollleee website because this is the part where you get to send me your love! (Or hate, but I prefer love) I LOVE getting emails, messages, and comments from you guys! Annnd if you ask me a good question, I’ll answer it in one of my blogs!

So now go explore! Get lost! Have an adventure!


Ps. In case you missed this part: I would LOVE to hear from you.
Please leave me a comment below!

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