Millions of Immigrants to be Deported

21 Feb 2017

Millions of immigrants will now be deported with new immigration enforcements on the table. Under the previous administration, individuals that had not committed a crime, or had committed non-criminal offenses, were generally safe from deportation. Now under the Trump administration’s strict guidelines, any individuals that have committed a crime, from shoplifting, to overstaying their visas, or crossing the border illegally, will now have a much higher risk of being jailed, and deported. Tuesday’s memo was sign by Secretary John Kelly and involves a broader use of a program that fast-tracks deportations. The American Civil Liberties Union has issued a statement saying that they will be challenging the stricter regulations. It is unknown exactly how many individuals these policies will impact, at this time.

For #SumNews, I’m Summer Slevin.


Photo by Joseph Voves

To read the AP’s article, go to:


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